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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Where there are three or four Anglicans, you can often find a fifth...

Today was a delight: there were no resolutions; we had a banquet (more about that in a moment); it was a gorgeous day for walking (which I did–from St. Mary’s to St. Paul’s Church, then from St. Paul’s Church to Pier 21 for the banquet, then from Pier 21 back to St. Mary’s); there was a brilliant presentation from the Anglican Youth called Roots Among the Rocks (sponsored by Huron College and Ask & Imagine – an Anglican Youth Initiative) this morning; the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church addressed us; we elected representatives to the Council of General Synod (hereinafter CoGS); we elected the deputy prolocutor of General Synod; and we laughed.

Despite the shadow of Canon Kearon’s missive cited yesterday, we received a summation of the first of the human sexuality/blessing of same-sex unions hearing without rancor. There is, however, this weird feeling like Kearon farted in the room and then left without acknowledging the smell. I am still angered that he would attempt to intimidate us and the outcome of this Synod. And I am not the only one. There is a motion coming before Synod that we table the receiving of the Anglican Covenant until such time as it as been received by the Church of England.

Roots Among the Rocks was the best Christian drama I have ever seen. I do not gush easily, and there is simply nothing to be cynical about. Five young actors moved from vignette to vignette about peoples’ encounter with Christ, or the Church, or God, or relationships or their life. The talent was unassailable, the message unrefutable, the presentation engrossing. An hour and twenty minutes of the day slipped by and we didn’t notice. It is the only part of General Synod so far where I have seen every window, monitor and gallery position filled with people watching.

The Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church addressed us before lunch. I have some acquaintance of Katharine Jefferts Schori, and (with respect) found her message tame. She spoke of the shared common heritage of the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Church of Canada, but did not address the tensions in the Anglican Communion nor the daring expressions of the Holy Spirit in the Episcopal Church. But it was nice to see her. I guess.

This afternoon we shared Eucharist at St. Paul’s Church on the Grand Parade in Halifax. I really don’t like being grumpy about worship, but this just didn’t work. A 1749 building with a balcony supported by pillars in the nave has crappy sight-lines if you are anywhere but in the centre of the nave; the acoustics are awful and given the nature of the music (multicultural with an emphasis on Swahili) accompanied by piano, two violins, flute and African drum, unsuccessful; the use of projected material on screens with no reference for musical line inhospitable; from my position no visual access to the readers or presider. Significant liturgical oops.

But it was redeemed by the banquet. Beautiful music from Ardyth and Jennifer (Celtic harp and voice), a lovely meal (General Synod has not hurt my palette), and, ending the evening, a riotously funny comedian, Bill Carr. Framing his comments around Philippians 4:8, Bill had the whole assembly weeping with laughter as he explored how it is we interact with others and what is truly important in life. It was a perfect intermission in the middle of eight days of General Synod.

Today's weigh-in: ? I hope the walking is doing me good.


  • At 12:46 AM, Blogger Eminence Grise said…

    I wish ++Katharine had been as forthright in her public remarks as in her press conference.


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