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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

The List Gets Longer

My head is in this really odd place -- normally when I go away, I'm going far enough that I can't just come home at night. Not that I'm planning to, since given the length of meeting days at General Synod, it makes more sense not to have to try and deal with crush hour. But I can't seem to get through the to-do list, since I know that if it doesn't get done I can always run home at night and finish it.

Laundry, funeral arrangements, two bulletins, dinner with the ACW, program mailing all done. Still no decision about how much of the circular to print. New computer battery should be in town tomorrow. Display materials for Education for Ministry table have arrived.

And then there's the don't forget list: pet care, answering machine message, clean the house, set up the church for the funeral on Saturday, buy wine, try to arrange for services in two weeks when I'm away on another matter...

Maybe what I really need is an administrative assistant. Or a curate.

Today's weigh-in: 234 lbs. Consistency after two days doesn't really count.


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