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Wednesday, January 03, 2007


It is the season of resolutions. Every year at this time, we look at the “book” that we call our lives and search for our place on the page. As the new calendar opens a new chapter for us, we use the beginning of January to set out our priorities, craft a new plot line, work on the development of our character, and consolidate the events of the past year into a coherent image of ourselves that we can carry forward.

For me, it is the reminder that I struggle with weight and fitness issues; it is the reminder of relationships past, present and future; it is the time when I list my shortcomings and see what I can do about some aspects of my life that I think I can change. I have publicly acknowledged some of my character flaws: a lack of organizational and administrative skills (I use a vertical filing system organized on generally accepted archeological principals); a tendency to procrastinate (the pressure of a deadline is tremendous motivation); a cynical nature (don’t ever call me “nice” – I think it’s an insult); and an expectation that people will behave honorably towards me and towards others (I’m still not sure why this isn’t so).

So to begin 2007, I resolve to drop 15 pounds (see the weigh-in, below). I resolve to finish up the administrative tasks, especially filing and document registration, left over from last year. And I resolve to write more regularly. I’m not sure why this is hard for me – crafting sermons is a weekly discipline; writing articles, summaries, minutes, or correspondence is a breeze. But if you look at this blog, I can’t seem to maintain any semblance of dependable journaling.

It’s the first week of January. We’ll see.

Today's weigh-in: 233 lbs. Undisciplined.


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