Dogs at the Table

...or to put it another way, "Perish, priest!"

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Uninspired ...

We just had what in the words of one candidate, was the "Seinfeld election." It was an election where there was no defining issue, no matters demanding the opinion of the electorate -- indeed, the local hot-button issues of Sunday shopping or gay marriage were not mentioned -- and seemed to represent nothing more than the youthful premier's attempt to time the vote in order to secure a majority from an uninspired electorate.

That didn't happen: the status quo remains, and for the time being nothing changes, except that we will have another year or two to see whether any of the campaign promises bear fruit.

I wonder if God has the same problem with an uninspired church? Great plans are unveiled, that demand some kind of response, yet with no response, the church -- God's uninspired electorate -- muddles along thinking that the status quo is sufficient, and that nothing ventured, nothing gained is the best way to be Christian. Perhaps we need to be reminded that Dante condemns the sullen and slothful to the fifth circle of hell, which, if you're measuring, makes complacency a worse sin than lust or greed.

Today's weigh-in: 227 lbs. Fourth circle of hell.